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shared commitment to building better homes

Whether you are looking to build to a higher standard,

expand your footprint, or implement a new technology,

change is rarely easy.

Success requires a thoughtful and disciplined 

approach to affecting change.

Define and visualize standards

Our Approach

Building better requires change, and PERFORM was created to empower builders to change.
What makes PERFORM different than other

construction platforms?

IBACOS has been serving homebuilders for 30+ years, and our software is an extension of that legacy. PERFORM is built by and for the
homebuilding industry.


Our team of developers work closely with

folks who walk jobsites day-in and day-out,

so we're never far from the field.

coaches, experts in homebuilding performance




Standards Development

Define and document your standards: What you expect your team to
deliver on each home. 



Live Training

Ensure that your entire team
understands the why, what and how behind your established standards.



In-Field Assessments

Objectively measure the performance
of your team in consistently
delivering on your standards.

Our coaches – experts in homebuilding performance,
armed with the technology of our PERFORM platform,
will empower your construction teams to raise the bar on
the quality and consistency of the homes you build.

technology of PERFORM platform




Standards Library App

24/7 Quick reference to your standards. Multi-lingual and sharable with your suppliers and trades.



On-Demand Training App

Serve up focused training on your standards when and
where it’s needed.



Assessment App

Regularly monitor the performance of your team to spot concerns early and address them quickly.

Information at the Speed of Change

IBACOS and the PERFORM app make it faster and easier to organize data

IBACOS and the PERFORM app make it
faster and easier to organize your data
and share it with your whole team.

Optimized to use offline,
PERFORM works where you do,
allowing you to complete
your work before leaving the field.

With the PERFORM app, you can carry
IBACOS' expertise in your pocket.

What Our Partners Are Saying

raise the bar on quality and consistency of homes built
"IBACOS plays an integral role as a strategic partner helping us deliver quality homes to our homebuyers."
IBACOS partner since 2014

Best Practice Insights

We’re passionate about helping builders build better homes right the first time. We recognize the impact of making knowledge accessible and have authored over 65 articles offering insights and advice on how to improve the quality and sustainability of homes built today.

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