“Necessity is the mother of invention.”
- Anonymous




The need for innovation in the homebuilding industry has never been more obvious. The things we’ve
relied on forever are fading fast: abundant land and traditional resources, predictable buyers, easy money, skilled labor,
clean air and water, a reliable climate, and conventional codes and regulation, just to name a few.
Our tomorrow demands that we think, feel and act differently now.

The Business of
Collaborative Innovation

The formula is simple to understand but more difficult to
achieve. It requires fundamental understanding of trends,
technologies, materials, codes, industry culture,
distribution channels and regional differences. It demands
a real commitment to thinking deeply and expansively,
both inside and outside the box, to foresee new connections
and gain true insight into the challenges and opportunities.

None of it is done alone. Game-changing innovation cannot
be achieved without collaboration among the right people and
partners. Our extensive industry experience – combined with
a distinct network of leading builders and key stakeholders –
provides us with the awareness, relationships and tools needed
to help develop meaningful new products and processes...
innovations that will add sustainable value for generations to come.

Industry Network

We bring together thought leaders across many sectors of the construction industry to gain insight, shared understanding and leverage the best practices that result. From leading builders, to manufacturers, to government and industry groups—our collaborative network lies at the core of our innovation.

Builder Enablement

We understand the vast challenges that builders face. We develop and provide the necessary knowledge, systems, tools and training to enable their field teams to excel. To more consistently deliver a higher-performing home that meets the new codes and standards of quality mandated by new building and energy codes.


We are always looking for talented, passionate, hardworking individuals. If you believe you would
be a great addition to our team, submit your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to