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  • Jenny Simon

Is Rework the Only Option?

Updated: May 31

“My trades just aren’t building homes the way that I want them to. Help!”


A process that results in consistent, well-built homes doesn’t happen overnight. While the steps to get there take time and effort, the results will last for years. 


Clear and Concise Documentation: If the instructions are poorly written or vague, the execution will be even worse. There are a dozen ways to do just about anything, but they do not all deliver the same result. Take the time to think through every system or assembly and establish how you want it to be done – with details, and preferably with illustrations. These become your construction standards.


Effective Communication: Most trade partners appreciate all the help they can get when it comes to communicating your standards to the crews in the field. Most trades work for more than one builder, and their other clients likely do things differently than you. This is where good illustrations and detailed instructions go a long way. 


Ongoing Inspection: The adage “you get what you inspect” has never been truer. Your project manager or superintendent need to know the standards inside and out and hold the trades accountable to them on an ongoing basis. Converting the illustrated construction standards into quick reference checklists helps the construction staff quickly evaluate each assembly and provides a great tool to communicate back to the trade any anomalies that require attention. 

Trades must understand their responsibility in building to your standards. They will learn quickly if they have to pull things apart and redo them to meet the expectation. The more consistent your expectations, the more consistent the trades will become in executing the assemblies according to your standards. In time, your company will be building with consistency to the highest standards you expect. 


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