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  • Clem Newcamp

How Important Are Our Trade Partners?

Updated: May 8

Homebuilders build homes, right? Nope, trades do. Typically, builders’ jobsite superintendents or project managers manage the building process and coordinate with multiple different trade partners, usually sourced through a bidding process. In most markets, builders adhere to a 120-200-day build cycle, taking an empty lot to a finished house within this timeframe. Depending on factors such as the size of home, design, or location this can be incredibly challenging. To achieve this, it is especially important that the builders develop good relationships with their trade partners.  

In our work in the field with production homebuilders, we see lots of interactions -- both positive and negative. Just like any relationship, these partnerships require work. When mistakes happen, it’s easy to point fingers and assign blame. But the world isn’t perfect, and in order to build a house, a few nails are going to get bent. Working through the challenges together benefits both the builder and the trades.  

Part of our job is helping to train the builder – and the trades who work for them – how to incorporate building science into their construction practices. In addition to this, in order to create a great working environment, we encourage builders to keep the jobsite safe and to build rapport with the contractors. People go to work wanting to do a good job, and to go home feeling accomplished.  

Finally, be upfront with what you expect from your trades, and when they fall short, explain how to improve... and when you’re happy with the final product, reward all those involved! With the rising cost of homes, people are staying in their homes much longer and it is extremely important that houses are built to be efficient and durable for years to come... and the only way to accomplish this is to work together.  



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